Remember Charlie – The Best Safety Video Of All Time

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So why is the Remember Charlie video one of the best selling videos of all time?  Because it offers a powerful reminder to employees to work safely.   This powerful video preaches the need to be aware of safety at all times, to use your personal protective equipment (PPE), and finally, to understand that workplace injuries affect not only the employee who is injured but also that employee’s family.

To understand the power of this video, one must understand the history behind it.  Charlie Morecraft was a worker like you and me.  He was the guy next door.  Charlie had performed the same job at Exxon for more than 15 years.  Every day looked the same.  He would be the first to tell you that he had been too far too many safety meetings with a boring presentation, and far too many people harping on him to use his PPE.  Charlie was a self-professed tough guy and thought that all that safety stuff was for wimps.  He got away with this attitude for a very long time until just one day changed his life forever.  You see, Charlie was involved in a horrific accident that not only brought him to the edge of death but also destroyed his family.  Mr. Morecraft went through multiple surgeries, the loss of his father, the divorce from his wife, and issues with his daughter.  He attributes all of these problems to that one day when he was just doing his job.  Just doing the same job he knew inside and out.

Of course, Charlie Morecraft overcame that horrific accident and went on to become a speaker on all things safety.  He produced several safety videos but the first, Remember Charlie, has gone down in history as one of the best selling of all time.  This powerful video forces employees to think about the choices they make on the job site.

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